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PEC Application notes

Number: 200.003-020021
Edition: 04/2022
Language: English/German

E62 and E64
AC capacitors for universal use
  • metal can, cylindrical shape, oil-filled, internal safety mechanism
  • AC voltage range: 420Vac (300Vrms)...5000Vac (3500Vrms)
  • DC voltage range: 700V...5000V

Number: 200.003-020060
Edition: 01/2018
Language: English/German

E62-3ph and 3HF
Three phase Heavy Duty capacitors for filters and PFC
  • 640Vac (450Vrms) ... 1700Vac (1200Vrms)
  • oil filled

Number: 200.003-020051
Edition: 01/2018
Language: English/German

PK16, GA85 AND E61
  • metal can, cylindrical shape, dry design (no liquids)
  • low self-inductance
  • DC voltage range: 600V...3600V
  • Capacitance: 100...7400µF
  • RMS currents up to 120A

Number: 200.003-020030
Edition: 05/2021
Language: English/German (for Russian please scroll down)

AC/DC capacitors with low self-inductance
  • metal can, cylindrical shape, dry design (no liquids)
  • DC voltage range: 600V ... 50000V
  • AC voltage range: 280Vac (200Vrms) ... 3500Vac (1500Vrms)

Number: 200.003-020080
Edition: 03/2018
Language: English/German

Box-shaped capacitors for heavy currents and large capacitances
Steel or aluminum case, dry design (no liquids), pressure switch
  • DC voltage range: 500 ... 25000V
  • AC voltage range: ... 17000Vac

Number: 200.003-020070
Edition: 04/2022
Language: English/German

GA85 Mesis®
Low-inductance DC link capacitors with Overpressure Protection
  • cylindrical shape, dry design (gas-filled), very lowest self-inductance
  • DC voltage range: 700V...4000V
  • Capacitance: 45...4000µF
  • RMS current rating up to 120A

Number: 200.003-020100
Edition: 04/2022
Language: English/German

E80 PKmind
DC Link Capacitors with ultra-low self-inductance
  • cylindrical shape, no liquids, high capacitance density
  • DC voltage range: 900V... 1300V
  • Capacitance: 130...955µF
  • RMS current rating up to 100A

Number: 200.003-020110
Edition: 04/2022
Language: English/German

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